Jen Fukuzawa (ladyareia) wrote in poptrades,
Jen Fukuzawa

Japanese Rock/Pop Cds/Magazines/Tourbooks/Goods/etc

~If this is not allowed, feel free to delete, but please let me know so I wont post again ^^ The items/music contained herein are Pop, Rock, Visual, Punk, etc...~

I have a very large collection I am selling off, so this is only a small portion on it. I have many magazines, CDs, posters, Creepers, tour goods, signed collectibles and more still to post.
So if there is anything you might be looking for, just send me an email ( and I'll let you know if I have anything. I don't have much from any of the newer indies bands, but often I have items from their previous bands.

~I am a Band Manager in California, and am therefore busy with them, plus the other bands I promote for and my other jobs. If my responses are sometimes slow, I appologize.
~All prices are before shipping.
~I accept most types of payment, though PayPal is greatly preferred.
~Because of the shear volume of items, I am not going to post pictures of everything. However, if you need a picture, I can provide one or two. In most cases I already have pics available for them, but it would just take far too long to u/l every one of them and link them to this page.
~Most prices are negotiable, but be reasonable.

I think all the links are correct now. If not, please let me know.
I MIGHT put up more pics of the Cds, but only in time. If you are SERIOUS about one, let me know and I'll take some pics of it.

**NEW** VHS/VHS Box Sets**NEW**

**NEW** Tour Goods**NEW**

**NEW** Posters & Fliers**NEW**


8cm CD singles <----- NEW ITEMS


Demo/Message Tapes

Message/Demo Discs

Score/Fanclub/Tour Books <-----NEW ITEMS

Misc <-----NEW ITEMS

ALSO, if you love ROCK MUSIC, please check out the band I manage GHOST TOWNE (see user pic)~
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